The Fear…

This title picture seemed appropriate for this post this morning. I am scared of what the near future brings and i can’t see a solution right now. My redundancy is finalised on the 23rd of November, just like that i will be jobless. All because of the bulls**t that is covid-19. This thing has costContinue reading “The Fear…”

Dark Days….

Dark days…. It doesn’t look very threatening when you see these two words separately. It may not even pack much of a punch when you see them side by side….But feeling it in your mind and soul is something else entirely. I have been MIA from this blog for a while now and it’s becauseContinue reading “Dark Days….”

It Didn’t Get Better….

It didn’t get better… As a matter of fact it got worse. I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks simply because the minuscule remnants of energy i had needed to be directed toward my children and keeping their noses out of their tablets and/or phones!! Over the last 20 days since my last post,Continue reading “It Didn’t Get Better….”