Good morning you beautiful people!! Has anyone been sat crying at the news the last couple of days?? Now I am not a football fan, (and even when i followed football i was a Leeds United supporter) but Marcus Rashford has made me so proud! I do not know him, i had never even heardContinue reading “Change…..”


Happy Sunday all…. I figured I’d be kind and give you all a break from me and my endless wittering. Today though? Today i need to vent or scream…. I have been in a pretty dark place the last couple of days, I’ve done a pretty good job of hiding it, but i can’t decideContinue reading “Anxiety….Again.”

Can’t Help But Laugh…

Last night as i stood over a pan of bubbling bolognese, Chris (my hubby for all intents and purposes) decided he would continue with decorating the girls bedroom. Our 3 year old little boy, obviously, wanted to help his daddy. Chris’s blase “oh he’ll be no bother” as he trudged upstairs made me laugh… EspeciallyContinue reading “Can’t Help But Laugh…”


New blog… First blog….Slightly terrified… But here I am. Doing it anyway. Since this blog is entitled introduction i guess i’d better introduce myself…. So, hey! I’m Vickie I am 33 with four kids and a boyfriend of 16 years.. all of who drive me insane almost everyday (Ha.. Almost!) I decided to start aContinue reading “Introduction?”