About Me!


Well hey….. I’m Vickie 🙂 I am 33, mum to 4 amazing albeit sometimes annoying children! My eldest is now 15 and my youngest is 3…. It’s all fun and games in our house, 3 hormonal girls and a three year old who clearly has no idea that the terrible twos were supposed end at midnight when he turned three!! I currently work as a catering manager, both at the company i work for and APPARENTLY at home, lol… I suffer with anxiety and occasional depression, which is in part why i started this blog. I love chocolate and wine… and gin….and cake and all things MARVEL. The big love of my life though? GREYS ANATOMY!! My favourite, if i had to watch only one thing until i die…It would be that!

I suppose i love my sort of hubby too… I mean 16 years, it must be love (love love…) I say sort of hubby because we aren’t married and I have absolutely no intention or inclination to change that. That’s me in a nutshell i guess. I hope you decide to check me out…not me…my blog. But hey check me out too if you want…I’m open minded 😀

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