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Good morning you beautiful people!!

Has anyone been sat crying at the news the last couple of days?? Now I am not a football fan, (and even when i followed football i was a Leeds United supporter) but Marcus Rashford has made me so proud! I do not know him, i had never even heard of him until YESTERDAY, but he has made me proud. What he has accomplished at 22 years old is absolutely phenomenal, not to mention a hero to 1.3 million children all over this great country! I was, honestly, shocked, that the government decided that they would cut the free school meal vouchers during the summer holidays, especially in the wake of everything that has happened over the last few months, but i was even more shocked by the massive u-turn in their decision! It just goes to show what we, as a country, can achieve when we have the right starting point! He used his voice, money and platform in probably one of the best ways i have ever seen and just look at the difference he has made in that time! So many families will be grateful for this, for some it may have even been the, literal, line between feeding their kids and their kids having to go without. I suppose people who have never experienced it will not understand why it means so much to so many, it’s hard to understand when you have never lived it.

When we were kids , we always had food on the table, it might not have been an extravagant 3 course meal, but we had food on the table most of the time. We struggled for money A LOT when we were kids, but we were lucky enough to have family members that would always help out, whether it be buying in shopping for us or lending mum the money when we had nothing in. We were lucky, really. We didn’t have a lot and sometimes we had nothing but we almost always had help. About 14 years ago though, Chris and me hit a rough patch. We were struggling in a way that i wasn’t used to, because all my other worries were when i was a child and my new worries were as an adult and a mother. We had moved from my mother-in-laws to a home of our own and although Chris was working, we didn’t get any financial help for a long time. We found that after paying all our bills out of his wages we were left with next to nothing when it came to food and we had a 6 month old to feed. Now, we managed, just, and i mean we literally scraped by but we did it. It makes me feel sick to think that in 2020 there are still families that struggle to feed their children and a lot of them are working families! We were saved by the tax credits, i don’t know how we would have carried on without them and even they just covered food costs and the costs of having a child (yes i am aware that this is the point of them.) I am so grateful that we don’t really worry about that anymore, we are by no means loaded, and we still have to save for the big stuff. But we don’t worry about being able to feed the kids, they have nice clothes and they have lots of lovely things. That’s all they are though, things. If we ever found ourselves in a position where we had nothing, they wouldn’t be any use, unless we sold them! I say if we found ourselves in that position, because it could happen to anyone. I mean i hope and wish that it will never come to that again, but i am well aware that it can happen to the most hardworking of families! That’s why i hate seeing the phrase “why have kids if you can’t afford them?” People don’t seem to realise how quickly things can change, through absolutely no fault of your own. There are thousands of adults in this country who have lost their jobs due to covid-19 and are struggling to get help because universal credits have been inundated with new applications. They didn’t have kids and then begrudge feeding them, they fell on hard times 😦

I don’t know how i can do anything to help and i hate feeling useless, but i will start to look for ways to help. I don’t have a platform but there may be something else i could do?! We, as a country, have been through some turbulence and for all we have our many (many many many) faults, we always seem to pull together in times of crisis. Maybe that is how we just deal with things and to be honest i can think of worse ways to do that! If anyone is struggling, or you suspect they may be struggling, reach out and see if they need your help. If you are in need of help, reach out to friends and family, don’t be embarrassed, we all need help sometimes. If you feel you have no one to turn to, you can turn to me. I may not know you and i may seem like this over-helpful weirdo on the internet (i mean i AM weird, but that’s a WHOLE other blog!) but i am here if you need to talk. My email is on my contact page (i think.), if not drop me a comment and i will give it to you.

Don’t ever feel you are alone, there will always be someone willing to listen, even if it is only me! We are all dealing with things that are new and sometimes utterly ridiculous. We are all struggling with the way life is at the minute, whether it be financially, emotionally or mentally. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of, there are many poeple in the same boat. So….yeah. That’s it!

Happy hump day, from you friendly neighbourhood weirdo…xxx

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