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I have thought for hours about what to write today, i wanted to be lighthearted, self deprecating, funny even… But you know what? I don’t think i have it in me. Sometimes the world sucks my friends… It sucks HARD. Here we are in the year 2020 and racism is still prevalent, why? Why does its still exist? I have been trying, and failing, to figure it out. There is just no excuse for it is there?! No matter skin colour, race or nationality we are all people. They are OUR people!

It makes me sad to think that my kids are brought up in a world where racism still exists, we have none of that in our house, but it’s everywhere else. So many people turn a blind eye and these people are part of the problem, we have a voice, we should use it! Use it to provoke change, use it to promote equality, use it because you want to be heard! There has to be a way to end this, there has to be a way for acceptance and equality to prevail, somehow. As horrible as the death as George Floyd is, part of me hopes that it will FORCE change, the whole world should be up in arms about this. George Floyd was not the first black person to be murdered due to his skin colour and unless we do something now, he won’t be the last! I may not be from the USA but that does not mean that my heart didn’t break a little when i saw this on the news, this happens all over the world and it needs to stop.

We are all human. We are all equal. We can create change.

I know some people may not want to see this, you may even think i have no right. You are a part of the problem.

I’m not black but i see you.

I’m not black but i hear you.

I’m not black but i mourn with you.

I’m not black but i stand with you.

#blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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