New blog… First blog….Slightly terrified… But here I am. Doing it anyway. Since this blog is entitled introduction i guess i’d better introduce myself…. So, hey! I’m Vickie I am 33 with four kids and a boyfriend of 16 years.. all of who drive me insane almost everyday (Ha.. Almost!) I decided to start a blog for the simple reason that it was on my ‘things to do before i hit 40’ list and since this is easier than losing four stone…here I am!

Life is chaotic at the minute and while most mums may be embracing the chaos, i am merely surviving it! Sometimes i wish i could build a cubby under the stairs so i had somewhere to hide that was just mine. (You know something isn’t right when you’re jealous of Harry bloody Potter.) I mean i love all my children, but when you can’t even go to the loo without a three year old sitting on your knee, something’s gotta give! My other half doesn’t have that problem…oh no…he can piss in peace whenever he feels like it. It’s why i hate him some days, jealousy is an ugly emotion… especially when it comes to affairs of the bathroom.

Not only do i have a 3 year old boy I am also mum to 3 girls, a pre-teen and two actual teens… Sadly I am no longer a member of the calm parent society and have taken it upon myself to shriek like a demented fishwife when the hormonal strops start. I mean it’s effective, but, i can’t seem to remember what my ACTUAL voice sounds like…. Nope… Gone!

Part of the reason for wanting to start a blog is the dreaded A word… yup… ANXIETY… Oh my god i said it! I won’t lie, admitting I had it took me a long time, 2 years in fact. I mean, when you have a panic attack in the middle of a hospital you can’t exactly pretend you don’t have it. Trying to tell a doctor that it’s NOT anxiety and you’re DEFINITELY having a heart attack, (because apparently the stigma around mental health is so great that a heart attack seemed like a better option!) is not only ridiculous, but ultimately, really embarrassing. Especially since he had done tests to prove that it was NOT a heart attack before i started arguing with him… Now though? I am learning to deal with living with anxiety, i admit that i have it and i remove myself from situations that might trigger it… I mean some days i WILL hide under the quilt for a bit while i remember how to breathe…With a 3 year old swinging from my hair, obviously… But i am working on it!

This blog will get more personal, I haven’t had a life as bad as others, I know that, but my life has definitely been challenging in it’s own way. I wouldn’t call myself a parenting blogger because this is meant to be for me and about me… Aaaaaannndd now i have just realised that my blog has already become about my children… sneaky little effers…. Geez, even the internet is a metaphorical bathroom…They’re always there! So… I guess i have no idea what this blog will be about yet, but i can say with absolute certainty that my kids will crop up somewhere… if not everywhere!

If you think this blog is something you may be interested in then please follow my blog and also help me figure out what the hell i am doing here. There are some things that i am yet to figure out on this site so any and all help will be gratefully received!!

It’s a beautiful day… Go live your beautiful life xxx

Published by anxiousmum87

33 year old mum of 4 living in sunny Yorkshire... Anxiety sufferer and chocoholic..

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