Jumping on the bandwagon!

Honestly… I’m not sure what I’m doing and i have very little idea how blogging works…But i am going to give it a go anyway! I never seem to be able to do anything just for me… It’s a sickness really aha! I know that a lot of people have a blog with a clear message or purpose….For the moment mine has neither except that, sometimes life gets lonely, no matter how surrounded you are, so having somewhere to vent and feel heard has to be a good thing. Right? I love my children, more than life, but sometimes i struggle to remember my identity as a person, not just as a parent or a girlfriend. I’m hoping that by doing this i may, somehow, get back little pieces of the old me. Of course the old me could be a complete bitch in which case this blog will completely forgotten and i will crawl back under my gin infested rock. This blog, although it has no real purpose, will be about putting a positive spin on things and laughing at myself, i’ve had a lot of practice, so it shouldn’t be that hard. I only hope that at some point someone laughs with me… or at me…i’m happy with either! Any help or advice would be great, i am a fledgling in this technological world of websites and blogs, i need the guidance of the masters. For now me and my ever resting bitch face look forward to hearing from you…whoever and wherever you are!

Getting serious for a second…

Life isn’t meant to be easy. I guess that is one lesson that my granny bestowed on me. But… does that mean that life has to unbearably hard? I don’t think that is the case either… Life shouldn’t be unbearable, hard sometimes yes, but never unbearable. If for whatever reason you feel like your life is unbearable…. talk to me 🙂 I’m here… maybe not 24 hours a day…but i’m here and i am ready to listen xx